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2012-201330th Anniversary

Denis & Sandra's house,
rue Landry, St. Hubert, QC.


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Recollection of Neil Ross:
28 years. Not quite on par with the Leafs drought but still... quite a wait. That's how long it's been since I last won the Guitar Cup. Having snatched back-to-back championships in the first 2 years I figured I was a sure thing for the 3rd. Didn't happen. Fine.

I was certain I'd make a stellar comeback for the 4th. No?! Doubt started to creep in. 5th? Uh-uh. 6th? Forget about it. 7th? Nah! I finally started to realize, I might never win the cup again. Then 5 years ago, for the 25th Anniversary, I unleashed my new secret weapon - a horn section! 'Hah!' thought I, 'They'll never be able to deny me with this Kick-Ass horn section on this little gospel-feel soul piece.' Well, it earned me another honourable mention.

I thought I was done. Topped out. No longer able to summit the mountain. Pulling out the horn-section again seemed an almost desperate move. The song had more groove and a catchy verse but that was it. Guitar Cup was less than a month away. I stressed myself to death getting it ready. At one point a leak in the roof started pouring water on my studio and the entire thing had to be shut down for a week. I was almost ready to give up and record something live on acoustic guitar. Thankfully, I didn't. I rebuilt my studio, stuck with the song my gut had wanted and finally, I turned out to be right!

Something has changed. You can feel it in the air. It's like the natural order of the world has somehow righted itself. What could it be? Hmmm...oh! I know! I'm Guitar Cup CHAMP again! Yes, yes, that must be it! =)

Alright, all gloating aside - what a great party we had in St.Hubert, Quebec! My greatest thanks to Denis & Sandra for being such great hosts. It was the best dining experience I've ever had at a Guitar Cup! And Denis slaved very hard to finish building his backyard deck in time, for all of our enjoyment. Thankyou again.

Even though we had only 5 entries this year, they were all excellent in quality. The reigning champs -Cooler- were defending their title and came incredibly close, losing out by only 1 point (or so I was told). First time entrants -Neutrino- and former champs -John Keffer- and -Mike Northcott- could not have been far behind. A big thankyou to them as well for putting their talents on the line.

For the first time, we allowed all non-contestants to vote in a secret ballot. They were allowed to choose their favourite and 2nd fave entry, with 2 points awarded to the favourite and 1 point to the 2nd fave. It seemed to work pretty well and I think the party-goers all enjoyed participating in that way. So I hope we'll continue this judging method as a new tradition for the Guitar Cup. Besides, it more or less did away with the traditional 'gifts' that used to be given to judges to try and sway them. I think that's a tradition that could now gracefully fade away.

    Yours truly,
    Three-time Guitar Cup Champion,
    The ever-so-humble, handsome & honourable,
    El Presidente-for-Life,
    Neil Ross

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