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2007-200825th Anniversary

John Keffer and Aisling Sampson's house,
Delaware Ave, Toronto.

Allison Barr, Clara Dinunzio and Ray Parks.


Buddha Eye Candy

Honourable Mention

Killing Me Slowly

Honourable Mention

When Will You Come Home

Honourable Mention

Better Man


Recollection of Neil Ross:
A very successful 25th Anniversary. Luckily, Jefman was visiting from his homebase in Berlin. Entries from Nova Scotia, Quebec and 2 from Germany! Wow... we were becoming international! Jefman built his own instrument out of stuff he had in the trunk of his car. That was damned cool! His dress-rehearsal was awesome and his contest performance was almost as good but was marred by some feedback as his 1970s stereo had warmed up too much (I think). The feedback killed his chances with 1 judge or else he might've taken it. John Hanson entered a song that he'd entered 10 years earlier, which made for some good-natured ribbing. In his defence, it was a completely re-done version... but it was a first for Guitar Cup! Jeff had a friend who entered a video at the last moment, and added a live performance of it at the same time. Also a first. Of course, the band Cooler (aka Stoner) won and took the Guitar Cup out-of-province for the first time ever too! Some excellent contenders and a fine compilation CD was made with video tracks and all.

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