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1997-199815th Anniversary

Ken Horne's rehearsal space
at Richmond & Peter in Toronto.


Where Did The Time Go?

Recollection of Neil Ross:
I have no vivid recollections of this Gcup except perhaps 'gifts' to the judges seemed a bit more out-of-control than usual. There probably should have been a scandal, especially when eventual winner John Keffer was caught emerging from the 'judges only' back room with a guilty grin on his face. However, we only chastised him for 'possibly bribing the judges behind our backs' since there was a high tolerance for gifts in general, tradition dictated that it be done in the open 'for all to see'.

Peter Ross was noticably absent this year and it should be noted that there was an entry in the form of a live performance, I believe by Jan Hanko, that unfortunately was not recorded. We also seem to be missing Mike Northcott's entry from this year. If anyone has any info, please email John Keffer.

John Keffer

John Keffer

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