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1988-19897th Annual

Jeff Mann's warehouse space on
Dovercourt in Toronto.


The Just Because of One
  Lousy Reefer Shuffle
What You Know

Recollection of Neil Ross:
This was one of our biggest parties and it happened at Jeff Mann's shared studio space on Dovercourt in Toronto. The first of our post-radio years... we compensated by making a big event of it. Rented a P.A., conducted it like a speakeasy (which were all the rage back then, bar hours only going to 1am).

I had deprived myself of food and sleep for a few days and barely survived the initial contest. I remember there being a hugely oversized bed in the main space (were their orgies there on other nights?). And Jeff had a friend (Lisa Kirkpatrick) who flitted about on rollerskates with battery-powered christmas lights wrapped around her.

'88 was also the end of our consecutive runs of the cup. It was followed by 'the Anniversary Years'.

John Keffer

John Keffer

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