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1984-19853rd Annual

Some place in Guelph... Pete's friend's house?


· My Hampster Likes Grapefruit
· My Grapefruit Likes Hampsters


· Four Poster Bed
· No Cold Beer

Recollection of Peter Ross:
Guitar Gup goes on the air. Peter, who is now a student at University of Guelph, convinces the university’s radio station manager to broadcast the Guitar Cup and declare a winner live on air. For many of the contestants, this was the first time their music had been broadcast.

This was also the first year that we had a jam session to accompany the contest. It was the first year that the Cup was not taken home by one the Ross founders. And this was the year that we came up with the rule that the winner had to be in attendance at the Guitar Cup party in order to win.

Scott Cryer

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