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1983-19842nd Annual

Probably somewhere in Burlington?


· With or Without You
· A Street Scene
· Lost in Transit

Recollection of Peter Ross:
Guitar Cup starts to grow. For starters, some new people have been invited to compete. And this time around, we required each entry to have three songs. Many of these songs were recorded on a Tascam 4-track audio cassette recorder – which I still think is the coolest piece of electronics ever.

The production values started improving dramatically – and unequally, since three of the entrants met in Fanshaw College’s audio production program. Peter, the odd man out, tries to level the playing field by creating an anti-production rule, whereby the judges are supposed to discount production quality in their assessments. The rule is still on the books, but the judges always claimed it was impossible to discount production quality while crediting creative production.

There was an entry from Jeff Mann this year but unfortunately we don't have a copy of it and have no recollection of what the songs were called.

Neil and Peter Ross

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