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1982-19831st Annual

Dan Tyndall's apartment on
Speers Rd in Oakville.


Nothing For Tears

Recollection of Neil Ross:
For my 18th birthday my family took me to BeniHana of Tokyo at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. I had been playing bass-guitar for about a year by then and had aquired a guitar as well. My brother Pete had bought a guitar too and had been playing it for less than a year, as I recall.

Despite the fact that the drinking age was 19 then, we ended up imbibing quite a bit of saki that evening. I can't recall exactly how it came up but at some point Pete stated that he figured he could write a better song than me! Well, that was a challenge that could not go unanswered, so a wager was laid down then and there to resolve our difference-of-opinion.

We agreed that, one year later, we would each present an original recorded song to a group of mutually selected judges and that the defeated man would have to buy a trophy for the winner and take him out for a night on the town.

One year later, as agreed, we held the judging. John Hanson, John Cooper and Dan Tyndall were our first judges; Hanson and Cooper being the best musicians we knew and Dan Tyndall being a respected friend of the family and a successful small-businessman to boot. They listened to our songs and declared my entry 'Nothing for Tears' the winner over Pete's 'Don't Get (a Chance to Say)'.

Peter and Neil Ross

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