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Nov. 14 2018

Mike Northcott

On Tuesday November 6th, our Guitar Cup family suffered a terrible loss. Mike Northcott, our reigning champion, lost his 6-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Even though a week has now passed it's still hard to believe he's gone. His winning entry "Long, Long Time" was his swan song.

Mike (aka Mick) had been a part of Guitar Cup since it's 2nd running in the 1983-1984 season. He never missed a year, though we seem to have lost his entry from the 15th Anniversary edition. He loved being a part of Guitar Cup and it's fitting that he died as our champion.

He was a cheerful, optimistic guy and was always shooting for the stars. He took pleasure in creating his entries "in secret" to hopefully blow our minds at the contest.

At his first win in London in the 1985-1986 season, he was nowhere to be seen as the judges decision came closer and closer. He had an obligation that night. With only moments to go, Mick waltzed in the door, gave the bunch of us a wicked grin and claimed the Cup! There was always a good bit of theatre when Mick Dazzle was around.

We listened to the judges comments of that contest recently. Mick just loved that the judges called his first song "Cut & Pasted", 'Pop at it's best!'. So, a 2-time champ at Guitar Cup... but Mick was an ALL-time champion to his family, his friends and almost anyone who met him.

It's a sad thing to have to say goodbye to someone who has been SUCH a part of the fabric, the memories, the essence of Guitar Cup. We shall carry on, somehow. Pick up that fallen guitar and keep the idea of music, comradarie and friendly competition alive.

He will not be forgotten. Not for a "Long, Long Time".

RIP Brother Mick

Your presiding Champion & Guitar Cup Committee Chair,
Neil (Not retiring yet) Ross

Aug. 21 2018

Well, the dust has settled and we must congratulate Mike Northcott for his triumphant recapture of the Guitar Cup with another pop masterpiece called "Long, Long Time". He had previously won it back in 1986 with his 2-song entry "Cut & Pasted"/"Dodecaphony" which one judge on Western University radio called "Pop at it's best".

Mike & his wife Shelly were most gracious hosts and worked very hard to prepare their backyard for the party, much as Denis & Sandra did in 2013. Guitar Cup has become a catalyst for deck & yard renovations in recent years. It's influence knows no bounds!

Our first venture into online streaming of the Cup went pretty well. No doubt we will improve on it in future years. It HAS opened up some intriguing possibilities. Online performance & voting? Opening it up, worldwide? The Dr. Evil in me can hardly contain himself.

You can listen to all the entries, view photos and watch highlights of the live stream on the 2017-2018 Archive Page. Also check out the Guitar Cup Facebook Page to watch the live stream in it's entirety and browse other Guitar Cup material.

For now, the Guitar Cup has a new home. Congrats again to Mike and thank you to all who participated in our humble yet enduring endeavour. Until next time, remember... "There can be only ONE!"

Your presiding Champion & Guitar Cup Committee Chair,
Neil (Not retiring yet) Ross

Aug. 19 2017

The 2017-2018 35th Anniversary season of Guitar Cup is upon us! The Cup has enjoyed it's well-deserved sojourn in Hamilton but the time has come to test the field of competition once again. Don't worry, you'll all have a solid year to get your entries together. After lengthy consideration I have picked the auspicious date of 81818. That translates as Saturday August 18, 2018 and it will take place in Hamilton. The venue is not set as of yet but will be announced in due time. I hope you can all come and participate. Good Luck on your entries.

Your presiding Champion & Guitar Cup Committee Chair,
Neil (Not retiring yet) Ross

Aug. 18 2017

Check out the brand new Guitar Cup Facebook Page. This is a great way to get up to date info and have discussions about all things Guitar Cup.

Oct. 11 2013

Welcome to the newly revamped Guitar Cup website, where you'll find everything Guitar Cup. Many thanks to Guitar Cup Committee chairman, Neil Ross for providing the new artwork. This site has been tested with the latest versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, although there are a few bugs with Safari. Please email me if there are any issues. The GC site does not currently work on IOS because Apple sucks and does not support flash on their mobile devices.

Check out the brand new Wall of Champions to listen to hits from all the Guitar Cup champs or browse through the Archives to listen to all the entries and radio broadcasts from each year.

I'm still waiting on photos from some of you, as well as some missing tracks and titles. Please send all photos, tracks and info to and enjoy the new site.

Oct. 4 2013

The new Guitar Cup Committee declaration, as proposed by GCC chairman Neil Ross, has received a unanimous "YAY!" from the GCC membership. Here are the details:

Sept. 21 2013

It only took 28 years, but Neil Ross has finally won his 3rd Guitar Cup. The 2012-2013 30th Anniversary Cup was contested at Denis and Sandra's house in St. Hubert, Quebec, with Neil beating out 2007-2008 champs Cooler by the narrowest of margins. Check out the 2012-2013 archive for all the details and a big congratulations Neil.

Aug. 10 2013

GC30 Invite

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